FBI Agents Revolt Against Eric Holder…

by Voice of Reason

If it is anti-American, or if it is dripping with race bait, this administration is all over it. I don’t know who has had their finger in the eye of the American people more, Barack Obama or Eric Holder. Frankly, my eyes are starting to hurt from getting poked so much. Why is the F.B.I. revolting against Holder? The same reason the career prosecutors are at the Department of Injustice are. The man confirmed to head the Department of Justice Civil Rights Division, Debo Adegbile, is your typical, run of the mill, racist dirtbag. He is the scum of the earth.

The Department of Injustice might be better off with the “Reverends” Al Sharpton or Jessie Jackson in the role over this Debo Adegbile. On one hand, I have to give Obama and Holder credit, they seem to know how to pick THE most offensive people for any nomination. Need I ask if Ronald Reagan would have had a Russian as the head of the CIA during the cold war? I think not. Naturally, Obama heads the CIA with a Muslim. Unreal. Anyway, back to the EVER SO CLASSY Debo Adegbile and why he is such an abomination. 

Black Panther Mumia Abu-Jamal was convicted of murder in 1982. Thirty years after the conviction, nominee Debo Adegbile voluntarily took up Abu-Jamal’s case and the cause IN THE NAME OF RACE during his time as the head of NAACP Legal Defense Fund. Mr. Abu-Jamal was a cop killer. He shot Maureen Faulker’s husband, Officer Daniel Faulkner four times at point blank range, and then finished the job by blowing off his face. Needless to say Fraternal Order’s of Police nationwide have protested this selection by Obama and Holder from the beginning. Sure, Abu-Jamal was entitled to a defense like anyone else. No one questions that. The issue is Debo Adegbile made a career out of seeking out particularly HORRIFIC men like Abu-Jamal and trying to assist them IN THE NAME OF RACE. 

His actions were despicable, and he is despicable. Maureen Faulker, the widow of the slain officer has begged the administration to testify at his hearing. Republican Senator Chuck Grassley asked for Faulkner’s request to present testimony be granted, but Trashy Scumbag Liberal Democrats have blocked her from doing so. The Senate Judiciary Committee voted today to confirm Adegbile’s nomination. Thank goodness Maureen Faulker wasn’t allowed to perhaps give someone a hint of a conscious about their vote. Politics is more important than humanity.  Always. Disgusting. 

First it was the Justice Department’s career prosecutors; now it’s FBI agents. The federal employees responsible for fighting crime are simply unable to digest the anti-law enforcement slop being served up by their boss, Attorney General Holder.

The FBI’s beef is with the selection of Debo Adegbile as Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Rights Division. The FBI Agents Association’s opposition is based on the way in which Adegbile defended, and led the cheers for, cop killer Mumia Abu-Jamal.

The problem isn’t that Adegbile defended Abu-Jamal. The problem, as Bill Otis explains, is that Adegbile led a street campaign to denounce the policeman Abu-Jamal killed, Officer Daniel Faulkner, and the police in general, as an occupying fascist army.

Accordingly the FBI Agents Association (FBIAA) has communicated its opposition to Adegbile’s nomination to Vice President Biden, Attorney General Holder, and the members of the Senate Judiciary Committee. Unfortunately, that Committee today approved the nomination 10-8 in a straight party line vote.

The FBIAA’s views are destined to fall on deaf ears both among Senate Democrats and at the Attorney General’s office. That’s probably because deep down the Democratic left’s view of the police isn’t much different from the contemptible portrayal offered by the man Holder has tapped to be Assistant Attorney General.

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